Prefabricated houses with CLT Engineering

Ventajas de nuestro sistema constructivo

¿What CLT panels are?

CLT cross laminated lumber is a large scale prefabricated solid engineered wood panel. Lightweight yet very strong, with acoustic, thermal and seismic performance, it offers design flexibility and low environmental impact. In a month and a half you can have your house finished.

Speed of Execution

Once the CLT panels have been machined by numerical control, they are placed, allowing us great savings in labor and being able to deliver a medium-sized home in just a month or two.

Custom Projects

At GaliaHome we adapt to the needs of each client, thus making each project personalized to their measurements and studying every detail in order to meet their needs and achieve their satisfaction.

Great Flexibility Building with CLT

Construction Versatility

The CLT allows us great flexibility in construction both in single-family homes and public works or high-rise buildings.

Acabados exteriores

Las fachadas exteriores pueden ser ventiladas o con distintos acabados cómo puede ser en piedra, madera, composite, morteros acrílicos, porcelánico, pinturas térmicas o cualquier tipo de acabado deseado.

Interior finishes

El CLT se puede dejar a la vista como acabado interior ofreciendo así un ambiente agradable y cálido creado por un material tan noble como es la madera.


Building Process

We will advise you from the beginning on our construction systems and the quality of the different materials used, all of them certified, in order to offer you the most appropriate project for your needs. We will clarify all your doubts.


CLT System

This construction method, starting with the simplicity of the CLT and the other construction systems used, make us a leading company in the construction of high quality prefabricated houses.


Key on Hand

The house will be delivered ready so that the client can request the first occupation license according to the defined project and without surprises in the agreed budget.

EcoFriendly Construction

Cross-laminated timber, known as CLT, is considered by many to be “the concrete of the future.” We are pioneers in Galicia in bio-construction with this system that allows you to install the structure of a single-family home in two days and deliver it to you fully completed in less than two months.

The CLT guarantees speed, versatility, material quality, durability and insulation. With this system everything is adjusted to the millimeter because it is mechanized by numerical control.

Construction specialists with CLT

Build the house of your dreams with wood, the oldest building material, also the most modern

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